AgriOne has worked closely with both Lincoln and Massey academic staff to create a suite of short courses/professional development opportunities aimed at motivated people looking to up-skill or expand their knowledge within targeted subject areas.


Farm Governance Advisory Training Programme

The Farm Governance Advisory Training Programme is a twelve week course that will equip rural professionals with the knowledge to provide guidance on good governance principles for farming businesses and the skills to facilitate the implementation of governance systems and practices.

Essentials of Farm Financial Management

Refresh and improve your farm financial literacy and financial management skills. Develop skills to analyse and interpret financial information and use it to undertake decision making.

Introduction to Agriculture in New Zealand

For those who are new to the primary sector, this course will provide you with a detailed overview of New Zealand’s primary industries, enabling you to discuss in a confident and informed way the issues currently confronting agriculture in New Zealand.

Farm Environmental Management Training

Using a farm environment plan framework, this training will provide you with technical and practical skills and knowledge to identify environmental risks on farm and develop action plans for change.

Dairy Production Systems

The daily conversations between farmers and industry can be more enhanced through a greater understanding and appreciation for what makes the New Zealand pastoral dairy industry so successful. This 3 day course gives you the fundamentals of the different production systems and how that relates to a farm business.