Introduction to Agriculture in New Zealand

For those who are new to the primary sector, this course will provide you with a detailed overview of New Zealand’s primary industries, enabling you to discuss in a confident and informed way the issues currently confronting agriculture in New Zealand.

This course is intended to provide participants with a detailed overview of New Zealand’s primary industries. After successfully completing the unit, participants should be able to discuss in an informed way with a wide range of stakeholders, the issues currently confronting New Zealand’s primary industries. Participants should also be well-positioned to make informed selections of further professional development opportunities.


Topics covered 

The course comprises a selection of 6 modules. The first two modules in the unit are designed to provide participants with an overview of the contribution of New Zealand’s primary industries to the external and internal economy and the interaction of these industries with the New Zealand landscape.

The remaining modules deal in more detail with individual sectors of the agricultural/horticultural industry – dairy, sheep & beef and arable/horticulture sectors.


The modules are as follows:

 1. Primary industries in the New Zealand economy

 2. Primary industries in the New Zealand landscape

 3. Dairy industry in New Zealand

 4. Mixed livestock industry in New Zealand

 5. Arable and horticultural industries in New Zealand

 6. Forestry


Wellington or Auckland

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Course dates 
2017 dates to be confirmed
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‘A very worthwhile investment of my time…a course that provides everyone with the opportunity to better understand the theory, the practicalities, and the scope of New Zealand’s primary industries’